Father’s Day Gifts for the British Car Guy

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to take a look at some perfect gifts from interhampers for the British car guy to give or receive this summer. We’re going to set our sights further afield for some suggestions that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone that loves Little British Cars as much as you do. While the pages of any Moss Motors catalog contain thousands of potential ideas – auto car accessories, custom car rubber floor mats, or a Moss Gift Certificate, which makes for an almost foolproof gift since we all need new car parts.

Each heading has a link to each website so click away and get those orders in early.

Nicolas Hunziker Apparel

Nicolas Hunziker has long been one of our favorite artists and our mutual association with the Riverside International Raceway Museum gave us plenty of opportunity to admire his work. Unlike most painters, Hunziker is equally adept in various media and his apparel collection is filled with items that appeal to the serious car guy. Particularly intriguing is his driving and casual shoe collection that renders each pair of footwear into an automotive homage with color schemes evoking some of the great names in racing. One of our favorites is the Stirling Moss shoe – which we wore during our winning drive in the 2011 Mille Miglia North American Tribute – that are as functional as any dedicated driving shoe but attractive enough to wear on the concours lawn. best of all, however, may be the complete line of licensed Steve McQueen items that allow you to live out your fantasies by looking as smooth as the King of Cool.


Nicolas Hunziker’s footwear combine the style of Moss with the functionality of a proper driving shoe

Linear Edge Wall Art

Vintage racers collect tracks like others collect matchbooks or decorative plates. The rear window of my race car is covered with small track decals memorializing each visit to a new track. For a more visible solution, check out Linear Edge and their series of racetrack wall art that allows the serious race driver to display his past on an office or garage wall. We have their Laguna Seca on our office wall and it never fails to start a conversation. For limited budgets or places with minimal free wall space, they also have a collection of coasters that feature the same tracks on a smaller scale.

Linear Edge

Linear Edge has the tracks of your dreams ready to hang

Tire Rack Tire Garage

So we happen to be a little OCD and we like everything to have a place. Unfortunately, like most of you we have a few stacks of wheels and tires – both street tires mounted on Dunlop wires and racing scrubs – cluttering up the garage. If you hate looking at them as much as we do then Tire Rack has the perfect solution. The Tire Garage will not only protect your tires from collecting dirt and grime, it prevents degradation from UV light and keeps that stack of tires from looking like an eyesore.

Like a tent for your tires, the Tire Garage is perfect for the OCD British car fan

Like a tent for your tires, the Tire Garage is perfect for the OCD British car fan

Art with Cars

In the interest of full disclosure, Steve Belfer, who founded Art with Cars, happens to be our close friend and dear competitor on the vintage racing circuit. He is also, however, a world class animator who has worked at Disney, Nickelodeon and Warner Bros. and is responsible for much of the music you hear on SpongeBob SquarePants. That background has led to a second career as a renowned automotive artist who creates compelling images featuring your own car as the focus of each piece. Who wouldn’t want a bespoke poster featuring their own car with all the details printed below the image?

A personalized poster made just for you by Art with Cars

A personalized poster made just for you by Art with Cars

Mint Models – MGB in 1:18 Scale

We’re suckers for scale models and we particularly love models of cars that we own or have in the past. Who hasn’t had an MGB? Not many and that’s why we’re crazy about this 1967 MGB Nurburgring competitor, particularly given its large scale allowing for realistic details not possible in smaller models. Mint Models stocks a great collection of British cars in 1:43 and 1:18 scale and its not hard to start a small collection after your first visit because it’s so much easier to store these cars (and they never leak oil).


Sports Car Warehouse

James Pikulinski is like many automotive artist; possessed of great talent and real vision but requiring a day job to pay the bills. Given the response to his recent work, he may have to reconsider the whole regular employment thing. Sold exclusively through the Sports Car Warehouse in Arlington, Texas, Pikulinski’s illustrations are readily customized but include some posters that are ready to hang on any wall. Want to know the progression of the beloved MGB from pull handle to rubber bumper? He’s got you covered. Want an image of the historic class winning Triumph team from the 1963 12 Hours of Sebring? He has that too. There’s not much this suddenly prolific artist can’t do so check out the website for more details.


One of the most attractive posters we’ve seen yet comes from the fertile pen – actually keyboard and mouse – of James Pikulinski

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