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Loss of a Legend

by Tom Colby There are in our lives people who inspire us to persevere and help us to do whatever it is that we do. John Sprinzel is one of those people in my life. John, in England in 1957, you take your mother’s Austin A35 to a Hill Climb, and win the event. This…


One Last Time

by R.L. Corn We all do things that make our lives more complicated. Life is difficult enough without expensive, time-consuming projects that raise the blood pressure—and yet, here I go again.For the tenth time in my life, I bought another sports car from the country of England. I stepped into that long line of non-mechanically-minded…


Boomer Drive

by Andy Corra I was a child-of-the-sixties, middle-class suburban white kid. A study in a particular culture of the period, with a first generation, Second World War father, small New England town mom, two older brothers and a dachshund named “Frau.” I was reared in a stick-framed neighborhood, like the many rapidly filling former farmland…


Loud Pedal: End Note.

by Robert Goldman Dorothy’s little boy Robert never expected to sell auto parts for a living. He expected to manufacture and sell restaurant salt and pepper shakers (I’m not joking). But circumstances change. As evidenced by the attached black and white photo, in June of 1977 the kid was dressed by his mom, had no…


The Origin of the Legendary E-Type, 60 Years in the Making

by Graham Robson March 15, 1961—a special date for Jaguar enthusiasts—it was the moment when the new E-Type met its public for the first time. It was the day almost every other sports car in the world suddenly looked dowdy, when Jaguar realized to their joy that they would have real problems in meeting all…


The Brothers’ Road Trip

by Scott Macdonald If one turns the clock back to the city and school of Berkeley in 1969, it was a very tumultuous and crazy year with the Vietnam War and People’s Park. My brother Clyde and I were both glad to be wrapping up our terms at the University of California, and were itching…


Loud Pedal

Heaven Called…by Robert Goldman As I sit down to write, the news reaches me, Robert “Kas” Kastner has passed. While it may be that no single individual wrote the book on Triumph performance, it was Kas who finished it. As a racer with no funds, he had no choice. It was either make stock parts…


Editorial: British Car Shows Breed Better Stories

By Robert Goldman This editorial was going to be a harangue about the lack of a truly big British car day in Southern California. We have as high a population of British classics here as anywhere in the U.S., yet it’s been years since Southern California could muster 500 cars all on the same day….

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