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Boomer Drive

by Andy Corra I was a child-of-the-sixties, middle-class suburban white kid. A study in a particular culture of the period, with a first generation, Second World War father, small New England town mom, two older brothers and a dachshund named “Frau.” I was reared in a stick-framed neighborhood, like the many rapidly filling former farmland…


Under Pressure

by Dick Mason During the winter months of 2019-2020, I decided that my MG winter project would be installing Moss Motors’ new improved XPAG crankshaft rear lip seal kit into my 1951 MGTD. I installed their original kit a decade ago but that only turned a gusher into an annoying seep. Okay, parts have arrived,…


Images Along the Pan-American Highway

by Ed and Kathleen Praxel What were we doing here in the dirt alongside a cobbled road somewhere in southern Mexico helping change a wheel on a well-used Buick Roadmaster? The young driver of the beat up “road warrior” seemed vague as to where he was and where he was going. The lug nuts on…


The Red Zone

by Pat Sykora, aka “The Bird,” with technical input from Ernie Connor The sound was unmistakable. No need to look to know that the miserable, hot, sweaty hours of finger-numbing work were over. The nanosecond of verbal restraint followed by an oath akin to “bugger,” belied the cold, hard truth: I cracked the bleeping windscreen….


The Not-So-Silent Auction

by Vinny Minchillo Owning an MGA is more about love than money, but many of us still like to keep an eye on the changing values of our cars. This brings us to a popular online auction site that specializes in unusual and collector vehicles. While it’s great to see all these wonderful cars, the…


A Shift In Perspective

by Dr. Shelley – Sexologist People who know me can tell I have been spending a lot of time with cars. Healeys especially are close to my heart. In my free time I’m either racing my 1960 Bugeye Sprite or showing off “Big Red,” my 1963 Healey MkII. The more time I spend behind the…


The Hole Truth

by Mike Sinclair One day as I was tinkering with my previous Healey (that’s mostly what you do with Healeys) I chanced upon an unusual problem. For some long forgotten reason, I had the upper radiator hose off. Since it was off, I thought I would check the thermostat. The engine had been running a…

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