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The “Black Art” of S.U. Carburetor Maintenance

From Moss Motoring 1983 by Richard Wood It is not the aim of this article to present a technical thesis on the S.U. carburetor; if that is what you need, you should buy an S.U. Manual. (Moss part no. 211-345) Rather, the attempt is to supply some basic “no frills know-how” to help you regain…


Tech Tips: Fall 2000

Speedometer and Tachometer Quick Check When picking through the instrument box at a swapmeet or looking at a British used car parts store, bring along a battery-powered portable drill. Set it to the highest speed setting and install a large Robinson screwdriver (or similar) bit in the chuck. Insert the bit into the cable input…

Tech Q&A: Spring 2003

By Kelvin Dodd MG Caliper Rebuilding The Lucas Service Bulletin calls for replacing the bolts when “halving” calipers in order to replace the O-ring. The bolts, however, have never been available. Rebuilding calipers without replacing the inner O-ring doesn’t seem safe. Am I stuck replacing my calipers just because they need O-rings? —Ben Severson The…


Tech Q&A: Summer 2003

By Kelvin Dodd SU Fuel Pump Retrofit I want to re-install the original SU electric fuel pump in my car, but the original steel lines have been cut. Is there any easy way of doing this? —John Campbell The original SU fuel pump is a very reliable unit, so refitting it is a good idea….

Understanding SU Carbs

SU carburetors are some of the simplest “full function” carburetors ever put on relatively modern cars. However, since they work so differently from most other carburetors, few people in the USA really understand them well. Many, if not most, problems attributed to these carbs’ being “out of tune” are really faults of the ignition system,…

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