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Profile – Classic Motorsports Magazine

For British car enthusiasts, Classic Motorsports is a must read, which is easy to understand given that the magazine started out as British Car back in 1986. Even after Tim Suddard took over the operation in 2003, British sports cars remained an essential part of the fabric contained in every issue, helping to account for its continued popularity among…


Making A British Car A Family Project

When you add a British car to the family, it can inspire teamwork and togetherness In today’s fast-paced society, every member of the family has a different schedule of activities. A family meal can feel like a momentous occasion. Fathers are so busy they may put off a car restoration project until after the kids…


Well Dressed: Treat Your Car—and Yourself—to Leather Seats

Many British car owners focus on their cars’ paint and chrome, but what about the seats? Every minute of drive time involves sitting on those seats—shouldn’t they be the best they can be? Moss makes replacement seat covers with exact materials, as well as upgraded leather kits. As part of an overall restoration project, leather…


Vintage University – Give Racing a Try

Always wanted to give vintage racing a try? There’s an opportunity every February at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, California, that offers a safe, low-cost way to get out on the track in a classic car and learn racing techniques from the experts. It’s presented by the Vintage Auto Racing Association (VARA), a group that’s been…

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