Tech Tips: Summer 1994

Removing MGB-(1967 on) Door Lock
Harry L. Christian, Rialto, CA.

Use a small geared hose clamp placed flush with the inside of the door. Draw it tight with a nut driver, and a tap on the doorlock will pop it out with no damage to the paint! By the way I really enjoy “Moss Motoring” and read every issue from cover to cover.

Filter Modification for Sprite
Alan Van De.Weghe, Ramsey, NJ.

I recently purchased the spin-on oil filter adaptor for my 1967 Sprite, and after installation realized that I had to do something with the oil filter warning lamp wire. After browsing through my friend’s speedparts catalog I found a 20 lb oil pressure switch, and I installed this on a “T” fitting along with the stock oil pressure gauge line. I used a two inch long, 1/8″ brass pipe between the block and the fitting.

Now it my oil pressure were to drop below 20 lbs. the warning lamp would illuminate, hopefully with enough time to be able to switch off the ignition. A stock oil pressure switch should NOT be used as most of these arc set around 7-10psi, and by the time the lamp alerts the driver the damage has already been done. Ten pounds of pressure for every 1000 rpm is a good rule of thumb. Adjustable pressure switches arc also available.

I hope you can use this tip and thanks for printing such an interesting newspaper.

Cheap Retrieval Tool
Joe Baba, Fresno, CA.

One of “Murphy’s Laws” states that any tool or piece of hardware dropped while working on a car will roll under the car to the geometrical center where it can not easily be reached from either side!

An easy to make retrieval tool at virtually no cost is to tape an old fan belt to a piece of wood about 24″ long – then nothing will be out of your reach no matter where it rolls!

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