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Braking News

by Eric Glomstad My 1970 MGB had a braking problem. The left rear would sometimes lock up and the tire would skid on hard braking. However, there was no evidence of leaking fluid on the bottom edge of the drum. In addition, the e-brake was not working, no matter how hard I pulled the handle….


How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights

Driving lights and fog lights came about as car owners navigated the twisting turning by-ways of misty England. Powerful lighting was necessary to illuminate the road ahead for potential hazards to be successfully identified and avoided. In addition, foggy and wet conditions caused by road spray obliterated the edges of poorly crowned roads. There is…

Starting and Maintaining a British Car Club

Moss Motoring Fall 1988 Stretched nearly the full block was a solid rank of British cars carefully backed into place as though ready for Le Mans. It was a good cross-section: Healeys, most of the post-war MGs, Jags and Triumphs, Mini-Coopers and a few pre-war cars. Not bad for an Iowa, two-sweater day in early…


Restomod Tech: In the Clutch of Things

By Ken Russell, photography by the author After spending more than thirty years in the repair and restoration of all sorts of British cars, the word has always been, “Keep it Original.” Today, this is still true. However, I invite you to consider changes that can be made, to the betterment, in areas unseen. For…


How to Turn an MG into a Jaguar

By Pete Hylton At the age of 45, I decided on a career change. Leaving a job as an engineer in the aerospace industry, I took a position as a professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology for Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, home of the IUPUI Jaguars. One thing I did not leave behind was a…


Sport Exhaust Upgrade

Moss Motors makes it easier for TRs to blow smoke By Rob Mullner A few of life’s important decisions—like selecting a fine wine in a restaurant—are based purely on hearsay and good intentions. Selecting a replacement exhaust system for your car is different. If you have an out-of-production orphan like my beloved 1973 Triumph TR6,…


Convertible Top Install

Readying a ragged-top TR6 for rainy days By Rob Mullner I’ve been working on my ‘73 TR6 for the last four years and have conquered the majority of its mechanical demons and previous-owner neglect. In my single-mindedness to whip it into mechanical shape, I’ve ignored the “soft stuff.” The convertible top stood out for two…



At-home rust-busting with no pits or errors By Jim McGowan & Kelvin Dodd It’s very quiet, works day and night, and eventually turns your valuable parts into flaky, brown powder. They say that rust never sleeps (unlike some of our restoration projects), and this demon is the enemy of almost all metals on the planet….


Alternator Upgrade

Moss’s new kit juices up MGAs and early Bs By the Moss development staff Technological advancements allow today’s cars to be more reliable than ever. Although true purists demand period authenticity, people who want to spend more time driving their British sportscars and less time repairing them generally embrace advancements. Knowing this, Moss Motors’ latest…

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