VTR Convention: A Huge Success

August and the green, rolling hills around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, were filled with Triumphs. The 1986 Vintage Triumph Register Convention attracted more cars of a single British marque than had ever before come together in North America.

There were enthusiasts from Arizona and Hawaii, Michigan and Vermont. (A TR250 from Concord, California, won the trophy for “Farthest Distance Driven.”) There were more cars than you could shake a…um, dip stick at. Participants ogled an 1800 Roadster, a Super Seven, a vintage Dolomite, a Triumph 10, and a huge assortment of Roadsters.

The 4 day convention featured rallies and a scenic tour, concours judging, an autojumble and a picnic under the stars. Mostly, though, it featured stories like the one about a get-away driveshaft that was run over by a truck on the Ohio Turnpike. Or the 18 wheeler that ripped a TR3′ s door off. The best news heard at the convention was that a 1980 TR8 had 5th place overall in the US Endurance Cup, ahead of new cars from Nissan, Mazda, GM and Ford.

Next year’s VTR Convention in Gainsville, Georgia, promises to be just as exciting. For one day, participants will have the Road Atlanta track for the exclusive use of their Triumphs. Also, the 1987 keynote speaker will be Graham Robson–author, journalist, historian and Triumph authority. Plan to enjoy some Southern hospitality in Georgia at next year’s VTR Convention.

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