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Humble Beginnings

By Dominic Ruffalo When I was growing up, both of my grandpas instilled in me a love of classic cars. Outings with either of them often included attending local cruise nights and car shows. I learned from them at a young age to identify makes and models of vintage automobiles. I was hooked. One day…


A Smart Aleck’s Guide to Buying a Spitfire

By Sid Bridge I recently bought my first British Roadster—a 1980 Triumph Spitfire. I wanted an MG or a Triumph ever since I was 12, but I never had the guts to buy one given all the warnings I would get from responsible adults. I’m an adult now. Responsible? That would depend on your definition….


Capital Triumph Register

by Matthew McGuire Ironically, my wife and I relocated to London, England, about a year after I acquired a Spitfire, so all the refurbishments I was considering were either on hold or being conducted piecemeal during our occasional visits back stateside. However, whilst abroad, I was still posting photos on the Triumph Experience website of…


Remembering my Triumphs of the Shirtless ’70s

by Joel Justin, Member of the Central Coast British Car Club When I was in high school in the mid-1970s, I was into cars like all my buddies. Most of them had American muscle cars, but my best friend and I were into sports cars. We read Road & Track instead of Hot Rod. We…


A Wedding Triumph

One fall day in my early childhood my father was readying his cars for an event. Usually, he would tinker on one or two at a time, but never all four at once. It turned out that my uncle requested the use of all the families’ classic cars in a brilliant and bold procession from…


The Mille Miglia

By Paul Richardson The era of the great road races in Europe where the high pitched song of racing engines could be heard resounding through the streets of cities, towns, and sleepy mountain villages is long gone. Races like the Targa Florio around the island of Sicily and the Mugello Grand Prix near Florence have…

What To Do During the Long Winter

While many clubs have comprehensive winter programs, we know there are many others wondering what to do in the long winter months. Some clubs seem to dry up when those dark and cold nights appear, so we’ve put together the following list of suggestions on Indoor club activities that might be of interest to your…


Down on the Farm – Triumph and Ferguson

Contrary to popular belief, the ubiquitous Triumph engine powering the TR2-4A was not actually a Ferguson tractor engine. Semantics? Possibly, but the 4-cylinder wet liner engine was designed by Standard for Ferguson and incorporated many lessons the Coventry firm had learned building military engines during the war and was supplied to Ferguson for their TE20 tractor…


Sport Exhaust Upgrade

Moss Motors makes it easier for TRs to blow smoke By Rob Mullner A few of life’s important decisions—like selecting a fine wine in a restaurant—are based purely on hearsay and good intentions. Selecting a replacement exhaust system for your car is different. If you have an out-of-production orphan like my beloved 1973 Triumph TR6,…

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