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One Design, Many Derivatives

by Graham Robson(written shortly before his passing in 2021) When talking to North American Triumph enthusiasts, the first thing I try to do is to remind them that the famous TRs were not the only sportscars the company had. If you total up the global sales figures, in fact, there were other models which did…


Rusty Beauties

by Elin Yakov My love for Triumphs started late in my life, in my early 40s. I grew up in Bulgaria where in the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, the influence of USSR made it almost impossible to get a car from “the West,” hence there weren’t any British cars around, only Russian, Czechoslovakian, and Polish….


Mark’s Car II

by Kurt Matter This is the second half of Kurt and Joannie Matter’s story. If you missed the previous issue, you can find this story in its entirety at MossMotoring.com/marks-car. We went out for a drive, top down, sun shining, and the TR3 was running great. Cruising along the shores of Lake Roosevelt not two…


Boomer Drive II TrudyToo is Reborn a TR250

by Paul Dico My love affair with Triumph sports cars began my junior year in high school, 1978. I have been an auto enthusiast since my father owned an AMC JEEP dealership in the early 1970s. I would ride my bike to the dealership after school. My father wanted me to understand everything, one department…


Mark’s Car

by Kurt Matter As I write this, it’s been over fifty years since my brother Mark was killed in Viet Nam. The flag from his casket sits on a shelf in my living room. When he died, we as a family mourned our loss and celebrated our memories, but I was additionally heartbroken that I…


Boomer Drive

by Andy Corra I was a child-of-the-sixties, middle-class suburban white kid. A study in a particular culture of the period, with a first generation, Second World War father, small New England town mom, two older brothers and a dachshund named “Frau.” I was reared in a stick-framed neighborhood, like the many rapidly filling former farmland…


Triumph at Nationals

By Dave Northrup This Triumph is a pretty special car in a lot of ways. It hasn’t been stock since shortly after it was purchased by Charles Neild back on March 27, 1963 in Greenville, South Carolina. He had paid $2,137.25 including $62.50 tax after receiving $1,216.50 for his trade-ins: a 1956 VW and a…


Drawing Inspiration

by Dennis Fenimore At my high school the bus home was on the other side of the teachers’ parking lot. There, a white TR4 caught my eye. Foreign cars were a rare sight in Portland, Oregon, and most of them were odd looking Japanese creations. The Triumph didn’t look odd at all, just very small,…


The Moss Fall Photo Contest 2021

This year’s Fall Photo Contest was a whole lotta fun. We received many entries, and had a great time watching our favorite roadsters against beautiful fall backdrops. A big thanks to all for participating 🙂 It gives us the greatest pleasure to share the winning submission followed by some great entries with our enthusiastic classic…

Name Your Car Day – Little British Cars

A car is more than a medium of transport. What better way to celebrate than by hearing stories of what you named your car and why? We received tons of entries, and had a great time goin through them. A big thanks to all for participating! It gives us the greatest pleasure to celebrate National…

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