Daily Archives: October 19, 1993

Back to the Basics – Intro to Zenith-Stromberg Carburetors

Fear of the unknown is probably the greatest stumbling block most people seem to have in dealing with Zenith-Stromberg carburetors – they are much maligned largely because they are not understood. The basic Zenith-Stromberg, as used on Triumphs in the mid-’60s. for example, is actually simpler and more reliable than the SU carburetor it replaced….

Tech Tips: Fall 1993

Climb Every Mounting If you own a late MGB 1974 1/2 to 1980, and contemplate rebuilding the motor, changing the clutch or motor mounts, you might consider this tip that will make life a lot easier. Countersink the fuel pump hole and block off the plate. Replace the screws with countersunk Phillips, slotted or alloy screws….

The Twentieth Anniversary of the MGB GT V8

It hardly seems possible that twenty years ago, the only V8 engined MGs were either a few American Ford V8-engined TD Midget “home brew” specials or Ken Costello’s exciting and well engineered (but expensive) Rover V8 engined MGBs. In early 1973, the best that British Leyland had to offer MG fans were a Midget and an MGB…

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