Daily Archives: December 14, 1994

Through the Windscreen: Club News Winter 1994

What do you get if you mix the following? A hundred gallons of gas, 80 gallons of fresh water, 28 gallons of LPG, six big Michelin 8R X 19.5 XZA, Bachor Brubeckon the stereo tape deck, a gross vehicle weight of some eight tons, and a six foot Union Jack! All this traveling down the road…

Under the Bonnet: Steering System Lubrication

A question commonly asked of us is how to lubricate the later MGB steering racks, which do not have a lubrication nipple. In searching for a definitive answer, I discovered that lubrication of these later steering racks is not a scheduled maintenance item, and as such, there are no “factory” instructions for lubricating them in service….

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