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TVR & the U.K.’s Cottage Industry

TVR: An intriguing example of Britain’s automotive cottage industry By Harry Newton A few years ago, while we were cruising along on the Autobahn at a brisk 160 clicks toward Stuttgart, a low-slung coupe flew by us as if we were at anchor. Journeymen automotive journalists pride themselves on their encyclopedic ability to identify just about…


The Mille Miglia

By Paul Richardson The era of the great road races in Europe where the high pitched song of racing engines could be heard resounding through the streets of cities, towns, and sleepy mountain villages is long gone. Races like the Targa Florio around the island of Sicily and the Mugello Grand Prix near Florence have…


The Lost MG

The MG that should have been By John Sprinzel Just over 30 years ago, British car enthusiasts banded together in an attempt to save the MG factory from closure. This group was combating a bunch of bean counters and amateur motor manufacturers who comprised most of the board of “management” of British Leyland. One of…


Austin-Healey: The Other British Classic

By Alan Paradise As the ignition key is inserted into its designated position, the anticipation builds. The ignition is activated and the gas pedal is gently depressed. The starter spins the heavy flywheel, which, in turn, begins the process for internal combustion. The pistons pump volatile vapor and burned gases. Then, it happens—the wonderful sound…


Abingdon in the ’30s, Part IV

To read earlier parts of this series, click the following links: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 By Marcham Rhoade Sam Bennett concludes his story of life and times at Abingdon. At the end of each September, when the competition season was finished, I was sent over to the service department to work on cars…

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