Daily Archives: June 1, 2002


MG Car Nut

By Peter Calabrese Robert Frost once wrote, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—I took the one less traveled by…” So it is with me and my MG Midget. While the purists among you Spridget owners may be content to drive the curvy back roads of the countryside in your stock Midgets or Sprites,…


Healey Marine

By John Sprinzel During my visit to Sugar Lake, Minnesota, for the Austin-Healey Club Conclave, it was a real delight to see a virtual armada of beautiful wooden-hulled Healey Speedboats at the meet. An even greater thrill was for fellow guest Bob Olthoff and I to be taken for a spin in John May’s immaculate…


The Big Engine that Could

Jaguar’s XK series wakes the post-war world America’s love affair with the automobile is so well documented, it has become more than just a cliché—it has moved comfortably into the banal land of things that are taken for granted. Consumers are spoiled brats of industry to an extent, wanting to see a new car model…


Belgian Spaniard

By Paul Richardson Touring the warmer climes of Europe while avoiding the English winter is full of surprises. When we arrived in the Marbella area on the southeastern coast of Spain, the nicest surprise was to cast an eye over a beautiful 1954 long-door Triumph TR2. Francois Van Hoof, a Belgian who now lives in…

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