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12 Years in the Making

A club restoration project comes to an end In October 2002, in the windy desert of Laughlin, Nevada, a Triumph TR3 will be raffled off by the Desert Centre Triumph Register of America. It will be the culmination of a 12-year club project that has seen its share of starts and stops. In 1989, a…


Popularity Contest

The makes and models that changed the face of motoring By Alan Paradise Yes, we love our British cars. The soul, the romance, the connectivity of human and machine—these are the fundamental factors that have established loyalty to brand names like Jaguar, MG, Triumph, Morgan, Lotus, Austin-Healey, Aston Martin, Sunbeam, and others. By today’s standards,…


Old Friends

By Wiley Davis The glowing transparency sitting on the light table said it all. Two boots, cut off at the ankles by the top of the frame. Underneath them, the bonnet of a 1962 Lotus Elite, white with orange and blue stripes. The owner of those boots, Mike Ostrov, had what I would call a…


Mini Midlife Crisis…in the Alps

By Robert Goldman “You’re doing what? In a Mini? It’ll never make it out of the foothills, much less up the Alps!” they all said. Shortly before my 40th birthday, the AARP sent me a membership card. It wasn’t a real one, but a cleverly disguised “invitation to join.” I never really thought of 40…


Glenwood Fire Sale

Things get hot at an MG rally By John Lane It was a heated anniversary at the MG Car Club’s 50th annual Rally Glenwood Springs. This year’s event was cut short by a freak wildfire that consumed more than 11,500 acres and caused $4.5 million in damages. The event began on Friday with a guided…


Elite Innovation

Lotus changes the nature of exotic supercars By Wiley Davis The business card that Mike Ostrov hands to me is a focused peek into his personality. He presents it upside down, revealing a backside stamped with the words “Club Elite” just below an outline of a Lotus Elite profiled in red ink. Out of curiosity…

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