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One Cool MGB

When Richard Thornberry’s wife told him to get a hobby in 2003, he couldn’t imagine what the next chapter of his life would look like. However, his journey probably isn’t a whole lot different from most British car owners/restorers. After his wife vetoed a motorcycle (too dangerous) and rebuilding a classic Mustang (too expensive), Thornberry…


MG TF Inspires Lifelong Enthusiasm (and a Museum)

When Jeff Lane donated his 75-car collection to Lane Motor Museum in Nashville, Tennessee, there were two cars that he just couldn’t part with—his 1955 MG TF 1500 and his dad’s 1954 MG TF. It’s understandable. His dad’s TF was Lane’s first introduction to cars—he helped restore it as a young kid. When his dad…


MG T-Series: The Sports Car America Loved First

The GIs stationed in Europe after the Second World War first fell in love with them. And when they shipped them home, America captured the fever. Arguably the MG TC began this country’s love affair with the sports car. MG TCs were fun, nimble, compact and bathed its occupants in sunshine. From those first imports,…


Driving “Mr. Magoo”

I never owned anything other than two-seat convertibles, until I bought a pickup, and that was only to drag or carry broken bits of classic British convertibles. Being young and childless, and only dating carefully chosen women who liked convertibles, there really wasn’t a need for anything more. But then I grew up. For a…


A Weak Differential Mount: Fixing a Common TR6 Problem

The Triumph TR6 is a fun car with enthusiastic owners, but it does have one weak spot that sooner or later must be addressed: the differential mounts. What’s the problem? They’re prone to cracking. If not attended to quickly, the differential mounting studs eventually rip out of the frame. It’s understandable since they’ve been subjected…

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