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Warped Brake Rotors—The Facts

…You’ll shudder at the truth. The typical situation: New pads are fitted to a new pair of brake discs. A week later there’s a vibration or “judder” when the brakes are applied. A call to a mechanically inclined friend and an online search offers the diagnosis—the brake rotors are warped. The diagnosis may be further…


TS1 TALES: Stories of Two Enthusiasts and One Car

There are iconic products that we admire for high concept, gorgeous design, inspired innovation, quality craftsmanship, and mechanical prowess. The very first one of these products introduced to the public is the one possessing the magic…the one that made the breakthrough and got the accolades. TS1, the first TR2, is the breakthrough Triumph sports car…


TRIUMPH TR2/3: Launch of a Legacy

When the era of sports cars launched after World War II with the success of the Jaguar XK120 and MG TC, Standard-Triumph wanted in on the market. But the company needed a model that would hold its own in terms of design and performance. The TR2, which debuted in 1953, possessed not only the formula…


Of Fossils, Upholstery, And CAD

Doing the exact same thing every day sounds like a recipe for going insane. However, when it comes to manufacturing upholstery kits, doing it the same way every time is how we ensure consistent quality. We opened the Moss upholstery manufacturing shop a little over 30 years ago because we felt it was the only…

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