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Wreck Relief: Insuring Your Classic

Some collectors start with a pile of crusty bits, and then spend countless hours and a safe full of money turning it into a show winner. Others buy their toys already restored. Either way, you need to protect that investment. Classic car insurance grew out of the fine art insurance business more than 50 years…


Together Again: How to Bring Your Car Out of Storage

Ideally, the first thing you’ll do on the day you bring your car out of storage is pat yourself on the back for having stored it so carefully in the first place! Before closing the garage or storage facility door, you tuned and lubed; removed the battery; slackened belts; attended to brakes, coolant, fuel and…


Robert Goldman: Moss Visionary

What does Robert Goldman, co-owner of Moss Motors, love about his job? “I like going down to R&D and taking out a company supercharged MG for a test drive, and pushing it until it breaks. I call it destructive testing; you can learn from it. And I enjoy the fact that I can make a…


MGA: The Archetypal Sports Car

For many people, when someone says vintage sports car, the MGA is the iconic image that comes to mind. The flowing, curved body design with oval hood is one of the great automotive designs of all time, and it was a radical departure from the staid, upright MG TC, TD, and TF. Plus designers paid…


Ken Hyndman’s 1962 Mini Cooper

It takes a certain amount of stubbornness to drive a tiny Classic Mini Cooper in a rural area populated with cowboys driving enormous pick-up trucks. The Cooper could fit in a flatbed with plenty of room left over for some hay bales and a few farm animals. But Ken Hyndman, the Classic Mini pro on…

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