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Young Blood

“What the heck is that?” a pedestrian on the corner yelled out. I grinned and introduced my ’63 MGB, a car that’s twice my age. British cars were never completely foreign to me. My dad had a really awesome E-Type. He was a huge British car nut ever since he bought a 1965 Spitfire at…


Movie Magic with an MG TC

Whatever happened to that British Racing Green MG TC in the academy-award winning film, The Way We Were? 39 years later, I can tell you that it’s happily parked in my garage. Acquiring my MG TC At age 10 I saw a photograph of a 1947 MG TC. It was black, with chrome wire wheels, and red wheel wells….



Can a Healey guy get along with a TR bloke? I can’t get the yellow TR6 out of my head. The car screamed seventies’ 8-tracks and shag carpet. It was an unusual shade of color and I’m surprised I liked it as well as I did. I wouldn’t have thought a car could pull it…


Go Ahead and Look

The travail of finding parts for a 1960 Jaguar XK150 It was a rare sunny day in Seattle, the clouds had all blown south to Oregon and I was free to take my Jag out for a ride. I lowered the “head” (top) and snapped the large bulky cover over the bulging material at the…


Gearbox Part 1: Teardown Inspection

So you are starting to hear rumblings, crunches and other unfamiliar noises from under the transmission tunnel that are now getting louder than all the other noises in the car. Turning up the radio doesn’t help anymore. It’s seems to be getting a bit more difficult to get into some or all the gears. Once…


To Race the Alps

The Legacy of Yesterday’s Mountain Climbers I sometimes wonder if the British cars that we collect, restore and love so much still carry with them the legacy of the rallies and races in the 1950s and sixties. Back in those Golden Days of motor sport, the cars not only had to look the same as…


Driving Jenson Button

A World Champion gets his first Healey ride. A dark sky, rain threatening; early Sunday morning 18 June, 2000, at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, site of the Formula One Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, Canada. “Follow the course marshal’s instructions and DON’T SCREW UP! We’ll be in front of tens of thousands of people and…

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