Daily Archives: June 14, 2013


Canadian GP, F1 Pilots Parade

Roger Hamel of the Austin Healey Club du Quebec called and asked a simple question, would I like to join them for the Canadian Grand Prix F1 Pilot’s Parade. As an F1 fan, I’ve been to a few different races, but like a bunch of potted plants being delivered, the driver introductions have typically consisted…


The All-Arounder

A few years ago I sold my beloved Austin-Healey 100 in order to continue my quest to own as many interesting old British sports cars as possible. I wanted my next car to be a good all-arounder. I like to tour, autocross, and just tool around or take the wife out to dinner on a…


Minor Life Moments

I have come to realize that the month of June 2013 marks the 53rd year of my personal involvement with a single particular Morris Minor—a pearl grey, red interior tourer that was purchased on an overseas delivery program by my late father, Rear Admiral Joseph F. Quilter of Portola Valley California.  The history of this…

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