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Feels Like the First Time

My first time driving was in my older brother’s first car, a red 1964 TR4. We had just finished a repair. My brother realized that somehow I understood mechanics better than he did. He saw that I wasn’t assisting him, but the other way round. I hadn’t caught on yet. I was 14 and he…


Shop Focus: On the Road Again Classics

Not many automotive repair and restoration shops are possessed of the facilities, cleanliness and hospitality required to open their doors on a regular basis to host a gathering of car enthusiasts for an evening of darts, billiards and car talk. Fortunately, On the Road Again Classics–located in the picturesque village of Morgan Hill in the…


Power Corrupts?

In the right hands a supercharger is a beautiful thing It’s rare in life when one gets the opportunity to build a dream car and get paid to do it. The only paramaters I had to work around were body and interior color. The body, a dark, dark blue-ish purple that is almost black—I would have picked…


Pittsburgh Vintage

You awaken Sunday morning; think about the concrete barriers, Like riot police, shoulder to shoulder, At the far end of Panther Hollow Bridge. The Healey is traveling three times the legal limit, Cars are trying to pass. The Jersey barriers scribe the outer edge of the far sweeper. When you ask Zappa if he takes…


The Official Engine Pulling Tree

“Drive my car while I shoot some video.” So said my friend, Jim Pesta, at the 40th Anniversary Collier Brothers Memorial Trophy race weekend at Watkins Glen. What he had in mind was sneaking in front of the racecar caravan heading to the center of downtown Watkins Glen. Lined up behind us were all the…


The Best Kind of Jump Start

It is no secret that owners of Triumph sports cars are passionate. The preservation, restoration and maintenance of our cars are daily thoughts. We take sometimes elaborate steps to ensure long lasting enjoyment of the vehicle, both for display at shows and for the simple sheer pleasure of getting behind the wheel and driving. For…

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