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MGA: Easy Grille Removal

During the years I spent restoring my 1960 MGA, I heard many frightening and cautionary tales about the importance of the hood latch mechanism and the alignment of the hood. Specifically, I was told to make sure the latch was working perfectly before installing the grille; if the hood ever jammed closed, the only way…


Recapturing Youth

Earlier this year I bought myself a 1975 MGB for my 65th birthday.  I have pleasant memories of owning a well-worn 1962 MG Midget and then a rusty 1954 Austin Healy 100 while I was in college.  But why buy a 39 year old British sports car now? I had trouble articulating my reasons.  I…


A Wedding Triumph

One fall day in my early childhood my father was readying his cars for an event. Usually, he would tinker on one or two at a time, but never all four at once. It turned out that my uncle requested the use of all the families’ classic cars in a brilliant and bold procession from…


TR4A gearbox installation

After installing the new clutch that I purchased from Moss Motors it was time to slide the gearbox back in.  While trying to line up the nose of the gearbox to go into the clutch it became apparent that the rear of the gearbox would not drop down due to the front of the drive shaft. …

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