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Your MG Started with Me

I have insider information about the first days of some of these cars and it isn’t all pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love British cars. I go to all the car shows I can within a 100-mile radius of Columbus, Ohio. To pay for college in the early 1970s, I worked as a lot…


The Only One in Fiji

Now first, let me say that my wife and my kids, and now grandkids, are the most important part of my life—but they have never known Grandpa or Dad or her husband without at least one TR3. Over the years I have had eight to ten TR3s. At the peak, five at one time. It’s…


Swan Song

A couple issues ago the Moss magazine had an article about bringing a Sprite racecar back to life—and with the owner’s intention of doing this with his kids. My thoughts returned to a day in 1993 when I purchased an MG Midget for my daughter. She drove it from high school through college and then…


From Rust to Restored

How it looks at the end depends on what’s done at the start. By Bob Brandriff Virtually all restoration projects start with a fully assembled, tired and rusty treasure that will be a real eye-catching prize when finished. One of ours was a 1961 Austin-Healey BT7 that had been repaired by a full service auto…


An Interdisciplinary Education

When I arrived home on a Saturday late in July 1968, driving my MGTD, the first words out of my father’s mouth were, “So, you quit college?” Indeed I had. I told my parents that I would serve in the Army (there was no alternative) and continue college upon my discharge. I served 22 months…


Loud Pedal: What I Learned at Motorfest

After weeks of careful planning and measuring and a week’s worth of rain, Motorfest’s parking guru, Paul Barker, suddenly had to redo his parking plan from scratch. To his credit and with the help of our VA Facility Manager, Steve Safran, not only did they work out a new plan, in a new location, but one…


Gang Triumph

In the corner of a building in an industrial complex sit the collected pieces of a rough and rusted 1971 Triumph TR6. The engine is out, doors and panels are off and an inspection of the frame would cause you to cringe. To those who know what they’re looking at, the car is scrap-worthy. But…


A Driven Life

Denise McCluggage began her fascination with automobiles as a six-year-old when she spotted an Austin Seven parked on the street near her house in Kansas. Not surprisingly, she soon asked Santa for one just like it. As a young girl she was smart and independent, choosing to leave home for the West Coast at 17….

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