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Near Miss

By Donnel Schmidt It was back in the mid-1960s and I was out of funding to support both college and racing my 1961 TR4. I heard about and joined the fledgling fire and safety crew that Les Richter was forming out at Riverside International Raceway just to keep my hand in the game—and, if the…


Put-In-Bay Race Reunion

Story by Walt J. Peterson Photos by Stu Kerr Step off of the Port Clinton ferry onto the island and you can imagine this is Nassau, 1955, Speed Week. On this warm morning, sports cars with electrician’s tape numbers are parked along the sidewalk while their owners and companions raid tourist shops and sip drinks…


Talking Points

Today we have a set of ignition points in our shop. He’s agreed to let us ask him a few questions. Mr. Ignition Points, can you tell us what your job is? What do you do in our car? “I tell the coil when to fire a spark.” Is that a hard job? “It can…

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