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Moss Motors, Al Moss, and Me

by John Ossenfort In 1954 when I was 13, an Air Force pilot boyfriend of our next-door neighbor crammed my brother and I into the luggage area of his MGTD and off we went. What a ride! But when I started to drive, it was in a variety of American products. When the last of…


Taking the Lead

Ray Carbone1942 –2020 by Mike Ferguson I met Ray Carbone when I joined the Positive Earth Drivers Club (PEDC) in 1993. I heard about the club through the LBC grapevine and could sense this was the place to be. At my first meeting, I introduced myself stating that I had a 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7)…


Rescuing Elvira

by Ed & Kathleen Praxel It was a pre-destined encounter. A depleted looking E-Type Jaguar sat in a yard along the road where logging trucks and pickups were the norm. The Jag beckoned to me. I stopped and found that the owner didn’t want to know about the car anymore. It was a Series II,…


Confessions of a Healey Addict

by Mike Ferguson,Member of thePositive Earth Drivers Club Periodically, and against my better judgement, I publicly proclaim progress on my now 34-years-and-counting ground-up restoration of my ’63 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7). Well, it’s time to bring out the soapbox because a lot has happened “suddenly” in the last two years. Of course, the amount of progress…


Morris Garage

by Michael Mascelli My story starts in about 1965 when I was 13 and saw my first funny little English car in a local gas station lot in Latham, New York. All of my friends were the younger brothers of hard-core American Muscle motorheads, and yet somehow I was captivated by what I later learned…


Youth Has No Age Limit

by John Quilter Thinking back some 54 years, as a teenager I took a memorable road trip with my high school buddy, Jack Jewell, a fellow I met in mechanical drawing class. I had the jump on him with getting a driver’s license and probably taught him how to drive in the family Morris convertible….

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