30th Annual Mitty Challenge

By Rob Mullner

It’s not common to start a new job and immediately get to do cool stuff. But just three weeks into my tenure here I was sent to the Classic Motorsports Mitty Challenge presented by Mazda and sponsored by Moss Motors. As the newest member of the Moss British Marketing team I was put into the breech and on my way to Braselton, Georgia to staff the Moss hospitality tent, adjoining pub and officiate our annual dart tournament.  More importantly I was on a mission to learn more about British car owners in the Southeast and what they are doing with their cars.

The Mitty has become one of the crown jewels in vintage racing and draws participants from all over the South. Winding through the red clay of Georgia the track is a 2.54 mile long tour de force of twists and turns. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to see a race at Road Atlanta make sure and add it to your itinerary of must visit tracks. Road Atlanta prides itself on a family friendly atmosphere and everywhere I looked children of all ages were enjoying racing. 

The contingent of Vintage production competitors that we love was substantial and included quite an assortment of MGs and TRs plus a smattering of Sprites and even a Morgan.

Jesse Prather tore up the track in Vintage Production in his Moss sponsored MGB, and virtually every sports car marque was on the track at some point so there was always a favorite to root for.  A diverse group of rarely seen historic racers took the track during the Mitty weekend and cars from IMSA GTP, SCCA Trans-Am, Can-Am, Formula One, CART and NASCAR were part of the show.

Many of the local car clubs caravanned to the track and had picked campsites closest to the best passing zones to catch the on-track action. The guys from 6-Pack had quite an assortment of cars and were ready for fun at our Saturday night dart fest.

Moss Motors sponsored car corals for British cars and Miatas and there were quite a few nice pieces of kit around the showground. Ranging from original owner stock to restomod, cool cars were all over the Mitty.

One of my favorites was a BMW powered TR6 belonging to Robbie Hall of Atlanta. Bart Miller of Roadspeed Garage in Cleveland, GA was the mechanical maestro behind this project. I got a chance to drive it—very impressive!

Everybody craved a chance to drive on the track. A phalanx of Minis led a huge assortment of cars around the very popular track tours. They put on a great show at The Mitty.

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