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This hobby is a cyclical one. Over the winter, when cars are safely stowed away from the cold, we go into a form of hibernation. The busy summer of the previous year has passed, Christmas flew by, and before we know it, spring once again has blossomed before our eyes. Here at Moss, right around the end of March, we are awakened as the phones start ringing in an endless parade of owners getting their cars ready for the driving season.

I am always amazed at the amount and variety of events there are every year. You would think that the enthusiasm for this hobby would slowly wane away. One would think attrition must be taking its toll on our grand pastime. Well, I can tell you that this is hardly the truth. These cars are being passed on from one generation of owners to the next. Previous owners who are selling their classics are not as concerned about price as they are with finding a good home for their friend. There is no question that the untold hours put into a restoration somehow bond you with your car. And it is this bond which can readily be seen at shows across the country.

I am now faced with the difficult task of deciding which events to go to. Every year we are invited to attend events all over the country and the world. As you may have read elsewhere, the Mossmobile will be covering its fair share of miles this year (it’s a tough job you got, Ken), but our attendance won’t stop there. In the hustle and bustle of taking care of business it can be forgotten, but let me remind you that this is a company of enthusiasts.

We have nearly 20 different British cars driven on a daily basis. They range from Morris pick-ups, Morgans, Midgets, MGAs and MGBs, to TCs, TDs, TR6s, Sprites, Jaguar Sedans, and even the odd J2. We always have a long list of volunteers wanting to get out to the shows and admire the fine work you all have done. This year is no different. I am proud to say that there will be more folks from Moss attending car shows this year than ever before.

If the show is in California, chances are we’ll get the chance to drive our cars, but just about anywhere else we will be thrown upon the mercy of the airlines. Don’t get me wrong, the airlines are an efficient way to travel great distances, but they’re no fun compared to driving. There is nothing worse than going to a show crammed full of beautiful cars and having to drive up in a rented Buick.

The point here is one we make every year. These cars are at their best when they are driven. Please don’t deny us the hoarse growl of a big Healey, or the tinny bark of a TC. Put on your leather helmet and goggles (I’ll wear mine if you’ll wear yours) and enjoy the freedom this great land offers. The open road, bugs in your teeth, clicking fuel pumps, hissing SUs, tappet chatter, gearbox whine, squeaky springs. What more could you want? Quit reading about it, get in the garage, tune those carbs, replace the points, fix that, replace those, clean these…



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