The Club Scene: Fall 1995

Hope all of you out there are all having a great season of British motoring fun, attending some of the events listed in our exclusive, giant British car meet calendar published in “Moss Motoring.” We are well into it, with the Moss Road Show having taken the Mossmobile across country to meet and greet customers old and new.

It’s always a pleasure to talk with you and tell you what’s happening at Moss Motors, so please if you get the opportunity sometime this fall to visit with us, do come up and say hello! You’ll catch us in Lansing and Grand Rapids during August, then to Kansas City over the Labor Day Weekend. From there, we head to the Moss Marque Day in New Jersey before making our very first visit to the British Invasion in Stowe, Vermont, an event we are looking forward to immensely. Then it’s on to Indianapolis for Indy British Motor Days, before heading east again for MG on the Rocks in Baltimore. Finally, we are going to make it south of the Mason-Dixon Line! I did promise this last year, so Mobile and Memphis will be on our itinerary during October before we turn west for home and the winter warmth of sunny California!

Of course, many of my colleagues have said that the only reason we’re staying out with the show until the end of October is to avoid having to move any of “my stuff” during the massive transfer operation necessary to relocate Moss at our super new facility! I have assured them that this is not so! We would much rather be out there with you, the enthusiasts, than moving piles of paper, computers, and records. We’ve got all winter to do that!

On the subject of our events calendar, a note of caution: we do regularly state that we cannot be responsible for the accuracy of information provided to us, although we do call and check phone numbers and other information when possible. Some of you, especially some club publications, have taken our calendar and reproduced it verbatim. In doing so, you have included the odd error!

You are also welcome to use any written material from “Moss Motoring,” providing that you acknowledge the source of the material and do not hold us responsible for any minor mistakes! While I’m on the soapbox, let me remind you that all artwork, both in “Moss Motoring” and in our catalogs, is the exclusive copyright of Moss Motors, Ltd. If you wish to make use of a particular item, then please write to us and we’ll be happy to accommodate your needs. It does annoy us, however, when we see the Austin-Healey cut-away artwork from the front of our new catalog reproduced in a club magazine with out any acknowledgment whatsoever! Or when our in-house artist’s great work is sloppily reproduced on a T-shirt, again without permission! So be careful out there!

That’s it for this time. Have a great fall season and we’ll see you somewhere on the Great American Road as the leaves change!

—Ken Smith, Club & Events Coordinator


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