Dashing Through the Snow

There’s something magical, and more than a little taboo, about driving a sports car in the snow. Onlookers think you’re nuts and would never do that if it were their car. Or so they say as they continue to stare at the sight of it.

When I received the following story from Jamie Boss, I didn’t mind that he didn’t have any snowy photos to go with it. I can picture the snow covered scenes clearly in my mind through his words. The frosty photos accompanying the story each have their own tales to tell, and I hope they bring back wintertime memories many of you I’m sure can easily recall.

Happy New Year from Moss Motors!


MG Vintage racer and and all-round MG enthusiast, Frank Mount in his youthful days, frolicking in the Canadian snow with his MGTC.


Last year, my ancient lawn tractor finally died and left me without any way to clear my driveway. I needed something that was geared low to push snow. Something with more than twenty horsepower. I needed something that was small and nimble that I could maneuver into tight spots. Wait, what was under that cover? Yes, my little British car! I’ll clean up the whole neighborhood!
— Cliff Maurer

Cliff Maurer

Ice Whiskers

Over the years, my wife and I have taken numerous trips around New England in our 1967 MGB GT. On the way back home to Rochester, NY from one of these journeys, we decided to stop for a couple of nights in Lake Placid. Since it was autumn and a little chilly in the mountains, this is what we found outside on our final morning.
—Allyn Wagner

Allyn Wagner

Best Comedic Lead

Our Boise Mini Club participates in the annual holiday parade. In 2010, the weather turned particularly festive and white! I do love my Mini but it’s not the best winter driver.
—Realy Ann Wingert


Frost and Found

I am one of the original co-founders of the British Motor Club of Utah and am still driving at least two British cars, including a fully restored 1960 TR3A. This 1965 TR4A was one of the first two 4As imported. I know because I drove each of them from the impound area to the dealership. The second car was British Racing green, which I really wanted, but it was already spoken for, so I bought this white one. It eventually got all of the Group 44 Tulius engine modifications done. Unfortunately, I sold the car and I have wondered about its existence ever since. It had a serial number of CTC-58856L.
—Peter Gerity

Peter Gerity1965 TR-4A

Challenge Accepted

I’ve had the same MGB since just before I got my drivers license 37 years ago. We have been through a lot and Moss has always been there to help out. The Motoring Challenge has been a really fun excuse to take lots of pictures with my B and find some fun detours, too.
—Graham Haber

Graham haber 3

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