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A Different Kind of Survivor MGB

By John Conkie I bought my 1975 MGB new in my last year of college. After graduation I was stationed as an Army officer at Ft. Lewis, Washington. Originally from the East Coast, I quickly fell in love with the natural beauty and outdoor activities of the Pacific Northwest. And my MG took me on…


One in a Quarter Million

By Rodney McDonald After driving for an hour in a Gulf Coast downpour, we arrived at the warehouse address we were given. The roll-up door opened as we got out of our car and there it sat: a scruffy MGB GT in the oh-so-seventies color called Blaze. The hour’s drive was the last leg of…


Pandemic Projects

When the world is topsy turvy, there are some of us who find sanctuary in a garage and peace of mind with the turn of a wrench. Joseph LeamingMy ’79 Spitfire was part of an elderly man’s extensive collection of dilapidated Spitfires that were left abandoned when he passed away, his children uninterested. The gentleman…


“Double Header”

by Cal Sikstrom A 1969 MGB Mineral Blue aluminum bonnet stands on my driveway with bright yellow circles around two big dents. PAUL is printed in the middle of the deepest one. My name CAL is printed in the other. The van arrives to pick me up. A passenger door slides open and I settle…


Escaping the Junkpile

I had a friend at work that was looking for a MG Midget. He found one on Craig’s List that was located near where I lived.  As he knew that I had some prior experience with MGs, he asked me if I would go with him to look at it and help appraise it.


Father’s Day Gifts for the British Car Guy

With Father’s Day fast approaching it’s time to take a look at some perfect gifts from interhampers for the British car guy to give or receive this summer. We’re going to set our sights further afield for some suggestions that are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of anyone that loves Little British…


Period Correct

By Chris Seely I’ve always had an eye for cool old things—mainly tools, toys, pocket knives, etc. This was fostered by my mother who took my sister and I to yard sales nearly every weekend. For several summers growing up, we would get into the back of her Subaru station wagon and navigate her to…


My ‘60s Love Affair

By Ray Martinez “Can you recall your love affair from 50 years ago? Your first love? Your real first love affair?” Aaaahhhh …. I will never forget mine… It has been exactly 52 years, and I think of her every single day. Not a day goes by without wishing her back. It all started when…


1962-1976 MGB Air Conditioning Kit

By Shawn Carlberg; photography by Moss Motors Staff Owning and enjoying an old British classic requires certain pragmatism. There are aspects of the driving experience that will not measure up to modern motoring. Cabin comfort in the summer will be different in your MGB versus your minivan. While your minivan can haul a passel of…

How to Replace MGB Window Seals

There are several reasons why you may want to replace the window-to-body seals on your MGB. They may have deteriorated over the years, or you may be painting your car and do not wish to have dull gray old seals ruining the new job, or maybe you’re just a glutton for punishment. Whatever the reason,…

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