Editorial by RB Hart

From Moss Motoring 1985

by RB Hart

Getting the wrong parts for your project is frustrating and time consuming for all concerned. We at Moss make every effort to see that you get what you have ordered and that what you have ordered is the appropriate part. Here are a few hints that will help you to get ‘the right stuff’ in the least possible time.

Make sure that what is out in the driveway is what you are ordering the parts for. As basic as it seems, the differences in some of the British car models are very subtle and it is easy to misidentify your car. We realize that not everyone is conversant with the wild array of models, types and numbers that make up the British nomenclature, but if you are not sure of what you have, get some help from someone with experience in the marque. A little research will pay off not only at the parts counter, but at the car meet as well.

If you do not have the Moss catalog for your car, please let us provide one. If you are a regular customer, you will receive regular mailings of our updates and catalogs as they are issued. If you have missed the most recent catalog which applies to your car, we are always glad to send one. Our sales staff are always ready to help you, and will see that a current catalog is included with your order should you desire.

Make up your parts list before you call. Please include our part numbers and descriptions and check that your quantities are correct. Have your customer number and credit card numbers at hand, then double check your list. A transposed number can get you a set of pistons instead of a shift boot!

When you receive your order, check the contents of the package against the packing slip. Any back ordered items will show up on this slip. For your convenience use our ‘back order OK- system. Using this system, any items not available at the time of initial shipment will come to you automatically, as soon as we are restocked.

The importance of test fitting parts before installation can’t be overstressed.

We cannot accept items for return that have been altered or soiled in an unsuccessful attempt to fit them. Soft goods such as tops, tonneaus, seat kits, and the like are especially susceptible to damage by installation and it is important to make sure that the item at hand is the item that you ordered and that it is correct for the application intended.

We realize that getting the wrong part is frustrating at best and of the thousands of orders that are shipped from all three Moss locations each month very few are incorrect. With your help we can insure that all orders are ‘the right stuff’.

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