Editorial – Spring 1986

It’s finally spring–time to get the car out of the garage and your pens and pencils out of your pocket

You will be spending some time on the repair and maintenance of your car or possibly finishing a restoration. Now, while you’re right in the middle of things, is the ideal time to send us a contribution for Moss Motoring.

Take notes while you work; you’ll most likely come up with something valuable to pass on to our readers. You don’t have to send us an engineering treatise or make a world shattering technical breakthrough. Most tech tips are simple hints that clarify an operation for someone who is unfamiliar with the procedure.

Factory manuals are an absolute necessity–do not turn a bolt without one! The best factory manuals assume that the person has some experience with the car in question; the experienced owner knows the failings in these books.The old “reassembly is the reversal of the above” is a well known joke among British car owners but is no joke to someone trying to put a car together for the first time.Your experience can save a fellow owner hours of frustration. There is no better way to do this than a contribution to Moss Motoring.

Once the car is on the road things start happening. Funny, sad, exciting adventures have always been a part of traveling in a sports car. Share your stories; make it fun for all. Crossing the country or crossing the street, we want to hear from you.

Many of you with an academic bent are marque historians who have read every available book and article about your favorite car. Some of you make regular and important contribuoons to your club newsletters.We eagerly read every publication we’re sent and often wish that some of you real experts would send Moss Motoring something.

We do make it worthwhile to contribute to Moss Motoring and hope that our efforts to bring you an interesting, timely newsletter are appreciated.

Before you rush out and purchase a box of pencils and a new typewriter ribbon, (some of you desperately need one), a few guidelines are in order:

The tech tips we are most likely to publish include the use of original equipment parts. We have been sent contributions, believe it or not, that include tips on how to avoid using parts supplied by the factory–such as a “Borgward Isabella fan can be used on your TR-6 and is available from your local NAPA dealer”.

We will not publish tips that advocate extensive modification or conversation of your car. The value of your English car hinges on its originality.

Technical material that includes clear procedural notation and accurate part numbers are the most useful. Keep to mind that not everyone has your experience so write clearly and concisely.

Please send contributions to only one publication at a time. There is nothing so upsetting as having a contribution typeset, illustrated and placed in our final layout only to come across it while leafing through another magazine. If you’ve seen an art director in a fit of rage you’ll understand our concern.

Unfortunately we can’t use everything sent. Space limits us to those contributions with the most universal interest. We try to have something for everyone in each issue but you, as contributors, are the arbiters of content.

Look through some back issues, you’ll get an idea of what we have used as well as what we need.

Now, get out those pencils and start planning what you’ll spend your Gift Certificates on…

By R.B. Hart

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