From the Cockpit: Winter 1994

By Ken Smith

Shorter days, cool nights and we are well into fall by now. However, the memories of a great summer should help keep us warm through the winter, and we hope that this issue of “Moss Motoring” will add a little to that warmth. We feel our contributors, both casual and regular, have excelled themselves this time, giving us a good mix of information and entertainment for your reading pleasure.

Thanks to all of you who took the trouble to write and call in support of our editorial in the last issue on the “Clunker” ideas now circulating among certain parts of the legislature. It’s gratifying to know that many of you take the threat to your cars very seriously indeed, and we, for our part, will continue to put before you issues you might wish to consider in regard to our British car hobby.

As we approach the turn of the year, it might be time for many of you to take a hard look at your car and decide what you can do over the coming winter to ensure that it’s ready for next spring and another season of great events which are in store for us.

I know that I have to install a new gas tank on my ’64 MGB, our Bob Goldman is determined to get his P-type up and running properly this year and Eric Wilhelm, our technical guru, might even get around to painting his TR4!

However, the best laid plans, etc….so why not set a date for when your car will be ready—give yourself a deadline, in fact? Repeat after me: “My British car will be ready for the road March 1st, 1995!” That’s our deadline, and we’ll let you know whether we’ve been able to meet it in the next “Moss Motoring.” Remember, you can call us almost any time for over 28,000 parts and really sound advice based on a cumulative 200 years of British car experience among our Moss Crew. We won’t brush you off with some lame excuse—if we don’t know, we’ll say so—but nine times out of 10, we have the answer (to paraphrase Radio Shack!).

Come on, all together: On March 1st, we all drive out on the great American road! Till then, happy holidays to you all, and see you in the New Year!

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