The Insider’s Perspective: TR7 and 8s

By Kelvin Dodd

As seen in May 2007 Hemmings Motor News.

One of the best kept secrets of British cars is how wonderful the TR7 and TR8 arefor Next Car1 to drive and what a value they are. When introduced, the modern McPherson strut based front and compliant trailing arm rear suspension was lost on many die hard enthusiasts used to stiffly sprung sports cars. Unfortunately the 7’s and 8’s were summarily written off by traditionalists as boulevard poseurs. When TR8s dominated SCCA racing, autocrossing and International rallying it seemed that the Wedge had finally made the grade, yet the cars were still viewed as interlopers by the owners of “real” sports cars in America. This attitude is reflected in the relatively low prices that even pristine cars are fetching today. But the word is getting around, as more and more cars are showing up at events across the country.

There is a wealth of information, parts and upgrades to allow the owner to build anything from stock to restomod. On the show field I’ve seen a survivor four speed coupe in lovingly maintained original condition parked next to a 4.6L full tilt road burner TR8 with color matched upholstery and top.

Moss Motors carries a large number of spares and performance upgrades for the Wedge including springs, upgraded bushings and shocks. Check out our web pages to get an idea of what’s available. 

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