Laissez les Bon Temps Rouler

In 2011, I bought a 1980 MGB-LE and shortly thereafter my wife and I joined the British Motoring Club of New Orleans. The club has about 155 members in five chapters covering an area from the Gulf Coast to Baton Rouge.

The most striking thing about all of our group activities is that each of them involves several opportunities to eat. And in New Orleans and Louisiana that usually means lots of really good food and drink. Example: our annual car show is on a Saturday, so on Friday night, we have a reception for all registered members and guests, catered by the club members. On Saturday morning, we have a brunch followed by drinks and snacks during the show and dinner afterward.

Even educational events (i.e., “How to tune your MG”) are preceded by breakfast at a local restaurant and followed by lunch elsewhere after.

Many events are just eating road trips. We gather for beignets and café au lait, caravan 30 to 50 miles to eat Louisiana seafood, and drive home.

Don’t get me wrong…this style of British motoring is the glue that makes this a very successful organization.


By Steven Lindsley

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