Letters to the Editor

I thoroughly enjoy your Motoring Newsletter and I look forward to receiving it often. The hints are good, the topics cover all my cars, and the personal interest articles are extremely interesting! Thank you for providing the extra touch to your fine Moss Motors service – your sale items are most appreciated, too.

Best of luck- from a sea captain… ‘somewhere east of Suez, where the best is like the worst, where there ain’t no ten commandments, and a man can have a thirst!’

CDR Mike West CO, USS Brumby, Gulf of Oman


I would like to give a pat on the back to your counter sales and customer service people. I came down to the warehouse for the Austin Healey Marque Day. I know it was a trying day with the electricity out and the crowds. The counter staff were very helpful and courteous.

There was a couple of mix-ups when I received my order, but with one call to customer service, the problems were all handled and within a week or two everything was resolved.

Being in the parts & service business also, I can appreciate how good it is to have quality people.

Bob Yates

– General Manager, Automotive Services

Seattle, Wash.

The power outage was caused by an unfortunate backhoe operator hurrying to get the power hooked up to our new warehouse. Service to a large area of our end of Goleta was lost when the machine cut a major wire. Moss hopes our neigh­bors will accept our apology. -Ed.



I just wanted to enclose a short note telling you how pleased I am with your service.

My first order with the company seemed to be returned in no time flat – so much for those horror tales of some mail order places.

I also had to cancel a backorder and my refund was prompt. All without any hassles and mix-ups you might get.

Your seasonal newsletter with sale items, tips and the experiences of other restorers is very helpful.

Please keep up the good work, you will always get my order and I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone else I come across.

In fact, it was a total stranger who recommended Moss Motors to me. How thankful I am.

Paul Hastings

Lindstrom, Minn.



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