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There is nothing wrong with your newsletter. Please do not attempt to adjust it. We are in control. You may or may not notice that the Summer Moss Motoring has a slightly different look to it. The computer age is here to stay, and those of us who love old British sports cars felt we’d better keep up. Now we are not suggesting that you put a computer in your Humber Super Snipe, but we felt it was about time to introduce some high-tech methods to Moss Motoring. We spent a day down at the local “Computerama” store and came home with an armload of Apple Macintosh. This issue is our first attempt at taming the wily beast-

Even our editor (young as he is) can remember a time when computers were big monsters. They had to be fed a balanced diet of these funny little cards with meaningless holes punched in them. The thought of doing a newsletter on one was a little far fetched. Frankly, a four function calculator costing only $250.00 that could fit in the palm of your hand was far fetched at the time. Let’s face it. odds were that MG would build a front drive sports car first. We got the sports car before the newsletter, but it didn’t win by much, and the $250.00 calculator is smaller, has a memory and costs $8.00 now.

A lot of the input we get from our customers is generated on personal computers. Who knows, perhaps we can set up a British car computer party line some day. “Hold your carburetor up to the modem so Ican see it better.” The mind boggles.

For all you computer whizzes out there, we have the following challenge: this is the photo contest issue. We’ll print the best piece of computer generated art we receive. If you’re interested, the file should be compatible with Aldus’ PageMaker 2.0. Entries should be sent on an Apple Macintosh compatible, floppy disk. We do not want images scanned directly from someone else’s copyrighted material. Disks will be returned if return postage is included. Now boot that illustrator and go to it.

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