Moss Vintage Racers at Laguna Seca

Vintage racing is increasing in popularity around the country and Moss Motors has two active participants: founder, Al Moss, and Sales/Marketing Manager, Lawrie Alexander. Business pressures curtail their travel to other states to race but both are regulars in the ‘granddaddy’ of vintage events, the Historic Car Races held annually at Laguna Seca Raceway in Northern California.

This year, Lady Luck was looking after someone else! Al, driving the supercharged TC he has owned since 1948 (the one on the MGT Series catalog), had two successful practice sessions but, in the race itself, the supercharger seized up. This ended an exciting dice with another TC and a couple of Bugattis.

Lawrie was not driving his famous ‘KT TD Special, having been asked to drive the ex-Ken Miles special, ‘R-l’ (see MG-The Sports Car America Loved First, Moss #211-230). This wonderful little car has recently undergone some renovation at the hands of its new owner, Patrick Hart, and hopes were high that it would perform well in its first track outing in 8 years. The first practice saw the first problems appear a radiator leak, which was able to be repaired by some hasty wrenching and a trip to Monterey. Saturday morning, practice was going well until after five laps, the crankshaft broke! So, R-l fans will have to wait till next year to see this piece of MG history make its mark again. Fitted with a new Moss crankshaft and rebuilt with the care and precision that Pat Hart brings to all his work, R-l will be back next year!

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