The Le Mans MGB in Traffic

by the late Graham Robson Before Graham passed away last year he asked what topics I wanted him to write about for Moss Motoring. So often he wrote about leaders who influenced the British car industry, but my favorite stories of his were when he gave readers a look into highlights of his own life…


The Early Years

by Keith Carlson Spring of my college freshman year, I bought the TC I’d coveted for 10 years since their appearance here after the war, just as we had years earlier pressed our parents to buy us the thin-frame, thin-tire English bikes, de riguer in our Chicago suburb. Our fraternity had three TDs, a TR2…


Braking News

by Eric Glomstad My 1970 MGB had a braking problem. The left rear would sometimes lock up and the tire would skid on hard braking. However, there was no evidence of leaking fluid on the bottom edge of the drum. In addition, the e-brake was not working, no matter how hard I pulled the handle….


Pure Joy

I remember the days when I was young, riding around on the boot with my brother sitting next to me, my little hands holding tight to the bucket seat in front, not a worry in the world. Oh, what fun for a seven year old girl. Our mother and father up front.  My dad, Bob,…


Boomer Drive

by Andy Corra I was a child-of-the-sixties, middle-class suburban white kid. A study in a particular culture of the period, with a first generation, Second World War father, small New England town mom, two older brothers and a dachshund named “Frau.” I was reared in a stick-framed neighborhood, like the many rapidly filling former farmland…


Under Pressure

by Dick Mason During the winter months of 2019-2020, I decided that my MG winter project would be installing Moss Motors’ new improved XPAG crankshaft rear lip seal kit into my 1951 MGTD. I installed their original kit a decade ago but that only turned a gusher into an annoying seep. Okay, parts have arrived,…


Images Along the Pan-American Highway

by Ed and Kathleen Praxel What were we doing here in the dirt alongside a cobbled road somewhere in southern Mexico helping change a wheel on a well-used Buick Roadmaster? The young driver of the beat up “road warrior” seemed vague as to where he was and where he was going. The lug nuts on…


Taking the Lead

by David Stuursma I don’t do this often, and maybe I’m making a mistake by telling about it. Oh well, I still recommend it. Sometimes when I’m traveling away from home, one thing I like to do is to look up the British restoration shops that happen to be around where I’m at and just…


The Red Zone

by Pat Sykora, aka “The Bird,” with technical input from Ernie Connor The sound was unmistakable. No need to look to know that the miserable, hot, sweaty hours of finger-numbing work were over. The nanosecond of verbal restraint followed by an oath akin to “bugger,” belied the cold, hard truth: I cracked the bleeping windscreen….


The Not-So-Silent Auction

by Vinny Minchillo Owning an MGA is more about love than money, but many of us still like to keep an eye on the changing values of our cars. This brings us to a popular online auction site that specializes in unusual and collector vehicles. While it’s great to see all these wonderful cars, the…

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