Taking the Lead

Ray Carbone1942 –2020 by Mike Ferguson I met Ray Carbone when I joined the Positive Earth Drivers Club (PEDC) in 1993. I heard about the club through the LBC grapevine and could sense this was the place to be. At my first meeting, I introduced myself stating that I had a 1963 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7)…


Rescuing Elvira

by Ed & Kathleen Praxel It was a pre-destined encounter. A depleted looking E-Type Jaguar sat in a yard along the road where logging trucks and pickups were the norm. The Jag beckoned to me. I stopped and found that the owner didn’t want to know about the car anymore. It was a Series II,…


Confessions of a Healey Addict

by Mike Ferguson,Member of thePositive Earth Drivers Club Periodically, and against my better judgement, I publicly proclaim progress on my now 34-years-and-counting ground-up restoration of my ’63 Austin-Healey 3000 (BJ7). Well, it’s time to bring out the soapbox because a lot has happened “suddenly” in the last two years. Of course, the amount of progress…


Morris Garage

by Michael Mascelli My story starts in about 1965 when I was 13 and saw my first funny little English car in a local gas station lot in Latham, New York. All of my friends were the younger brothers of hard-core American Muscle motorheads, and yet somehow I was captivated by what I later learned…


Youth Has No Age Limit

by John Quilter Thinking back some 54 years, as a teenager I took a memorable road trip with my high school buddy, Jack Jewell, a fellow I met in mechanical drawing class. I had the jump on him with getting a driver’s license and probably taught him how to drive in the family Morris convertible….


As If It’s My Own

by Russell Corvese Like most good car stories this one isn’t just about the car, rather, it involves a whole series of life events that culminates with a restoration project that takes four years to finish. The car had no business being restored—it was beyond death—but what did I know having never taken on such…


My Favorite Passenger

by Will Howard Since the MG TD roadster only has two seats, you must have discerning criteria for your favorite passenger. The rider must not be concerned about keeping their hairstyle neat, since the convertible top is almost always down for touring country roads. Also, it’s a must to not get carsick easily, the low…


One Design, Many Derivatives

by Graham Robson(written shortly before his passing in 2021) When talking to North American Triumph enthusiasts, the first thing I try to do is to remind them that the famous TRs were not the only sportscars the company had. If you total up the global sales figures, in fact, there were other models which did…


Taking The Lead: Larry Long, Paradise British Car Club

by David Stuursma “I want to see all the radiator caps perfectly lined up.” We all know someone who would say that. Many of us see that person in the mirror each morning. A little light obsessive compulsion is something to take pride in, right? This time that quote belonged to Larry Long of Hutchinson,…


The Land

by Jake Voelckers I grew up with all sorts of British cars and tons of stories from the shop. My dad, Mark, started and ran British Auto out in western New York in the early 1970s until he died in 2011. Moss Motors has been part of my life for a long time. Currently, I’m…

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