Remembering Chris Kepler – Moss Leader

Written by Michael Grant

Moss Motors co-worker and friend, December 16, 1949–August 7, 2022.

It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of the passing of Chris Kepler. He was not just our co-worker but our good friend as well.

Chris came onboard as a warehouse associate with Moss in 1971, and worked with us for the next 44 years—a long time indeed. His talent, dedication, and performance at every level eventually moved him into an office as the VP of Operations. In that role, Chris coordinated purchasing, sales, customer service, and warehouse operations. He was a key part of the group that made Moss Motors work and grow into the company it is today. Chris focused on making Moss better: more parts, better quality, more information, fewer backorders, and faster order processing. It was all about keeping British sports cars on the road, and supporting their owners. Through it all, Chris maintained his sense of humor, and he treated people with kindness and respect. Working with him was a pleasure.

Chris had a real love for British cars and owned several, and his MGA was the only car that caught fire while driving. A broken hanger caused the hot exhaust pipe to touch the unpainted plywood floorboard. He didn’t notice the smoke at first, but the people behind him sure did. After pulling into a gas station, he borrowed their hose, put the fire out, got in the car and drove back to work. We’ll miss you, Chris.

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