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4 Fun, Fast Projects

Free weekend coming up? Why not spend it with that special someone: your favorite British car. Make a date to fix some niggling problems, perform an upgrade, or make things shine to the max. Wondering where to start? Here are four projects that always seem to be on the to-do list. 1. Give the Paint…


Neatness Counts – Detail Your Car Like a Pro

Gleaming paint, sparkling chrome: It’s enough to capture just about anyone’s eye, car buff or not. However, no matter what a car’s vintage, detailing it so that every visible surface shines like a diamond takes some serious work—or cash. “Generally, the cost is based on an hourly schedule,” explains Tim McNair, owner of Grand Prix…


TSD Road Rallies – Arrive on Time

Participating in some kind of motorsports usually requires specialized equipment ranging from special tires to a fully prepared race car. There is a way, however, to compete without any car prep: enter a road rally. This is an event held on public roads in which a driver and a navigator must follow a set of…


As the Gavel Falls – Classic Car Auctions

They’re the automotive equivalent of reality TV: today’s televised collector car auctions. Once the domain of just those in the know, these events have become a big deal thanks to their big prices, big lights, big ratings and big excitement. There’s a method to this sensory overload, assuming you can take in the whole picture….

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