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A Wedding Triumph

One fall day in my early childhood my father was readying his cars for an event. Usually, he would tinker on one or two at a time, but never all four at once. It turned out that my uncle requested the use of all the families’ classic cars in a brilliant and bold procession from…


Jake’s B

My Uncle Jake Darsey was one of the most influential men in my life.  Next to my dad, I’m sure he had more impact on my life as a boy than any other adult male.  Not until I was in late elementary school or early jr. high did I discover to my great shock that…


A Family Affair

By Wiley Davis Riding the bus home wasn’t cool. Getting picked up was much better. A minivan would do, plenty of room. A sedan wasn’t so bad either, much better than the bus. There are, of course, ideal situations that can bend the inclinations of an impressionable child, causing them to make totally irrational decisions…


Old Cars, Young Souls

By Emilee Crawford “First step, let’s see if they start,” a lover of vintage British sports cars says to me, the weary yet excited, girlfriend sitting beside him. It’s barely daybreak and two twenty-somethings rev the engines of their decades-old British sports cars, embarking on an ambitious road trip down south to The Mitty. Sunrise…


The Saga of the MGB

A True Memoir of a Caramel Colored MGB, told in fairytale style… By Paul Marshall Once upon a time, a little girl grew up in a family where her father drove small British sports cars. Since she was a child, she dreamt of having an MG of her very own. So when she grew up,…


My Dad Dick Knudson

My Dad Dick Knudson By Leesa Hudak   Dad was one of a kind. He was a loving father, husband and grandfather. He was a faithful and loyal friend. He was a wonderful teacher and leader. He was passionate about so many things. Most people saw the obvious; love of family, love of God and…

Spitfire Saga

This story starts with the purchase of a 1974 Spitfire body two years ago. The owner of the car body tried to install a 20R Toyota engine and five-speed tranny. This didn’t work at all, so I sold the Toyota gear and purchased a 1972 Spitfire parts car for $250. This car had an engine…


Challenger Spotlight: Madison Hutchinson

I’ve always been a “Gearhead Gal,” and always will be. I mean, c’mon, how can you not when you have a dad like mine? I grew up in the shop, covered in grease, and surrounded by beautiful cars. We’ve owned all types of them, but we’ve always had a thing for MGs (we’re on number…


A Family Affair: Winter 2001

By Wiley Davis It is an odd form of adventure that takes place when the British car bug first bites you. It can begin innocently with some spare time for a new project, or a nostalgic longing for a shiny roadster you once saw at a stoplight when you were just learning how to drive….


1969 Austin-Healey Sprite Restoration

My Austin-Healey Sprite MK IV was built by the Austin Motor Company Limited from parts manufactured in the U.K., at Abingdon, Berkshire, on July 5 in the year 1969. I purchased it on September 5, 1969, from Stockton Motors, Huntsville, AL. This was my third Sprite/Midget and was purchased primarily as a vehicle to get…

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