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The Other Woman

Bob Muzio’s 1963 Jaguar XK-E By Dan Kahn Bob Muzio has a secret. He spends weekdays toiling as a service manager at a Southern California Volvo dealership, helping Swedish car owners with a smile, waving politely as they drive off in their airbag-equipped safetymobiles. Nights and weekends, the gregarious family man spends time in his…


Austin-Healey: The Other British Classic

By Alan Paradise As the ignition key is inserted into its designated position, the anticipation builds. The ignition is activated and the gas pedal is gently depressed. The starter spins the heavy flywheel, which, in turn, begins the process for internal combustion. The pistons pump volatile vapor and burned gases. Then, it happens—the wonderful sound…

Double Clutching: The Other Half of the Story

By Steve Tom In his article, “Heel and Toe, and Double Clutch Techniques” (Moss Motoring Spring 1994), Chris Ball took the mystery out of this ancient British art. However, by describing only the technique for downshifting, he left out half the fun! Double clutching (or double declutching, as the Brits call it) is a technique…

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