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Protection Selection

Damage control for your car’s paint and interior By Jim McGowan Regardless of your British car’s vintage, make, or model, the only way to guarantee its continued survival is to protect it from garage encounters, road hazards, and Mother Nature’s fury. The best damage control technique is to be proactive rather than reactive: You don’t…


Tech Tips: Fall 2000

Speedometer and Tachometer Quick Check When picking through the instrument box at a swapmeet or looking at a British used car parts store, bring along a battery-powered portable drill. Set it to the highest speed setting and install a large Robinson screwdriver (or similar) bit in the chuck. Insert the bit into the cable input…


DIY Rotisserie

While doing the body off restoration on my TR 250 I needed some way of rolling the body over and not dent my new rocker panels. Not having a lot of room in a two car garage and working alone most of the time, it needed to be easy to handle by one person. My…

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