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Of Sprites and Triumphs – A Life of Cars

By Mike Downs In my early teens I got a job at a foreign car parts store in Falls Church, Virginia. A couple years later I became a mechanic in a foreign car garage that was once a horse stable and still had a dirt floor. The attic above the tin plate ceiling was a…


Triumph at Nationals

By Dave Northrup This Triumph is a pretty special car in a lot of ways. It hasn’t been stock since shortly after it was purchased by Charles Neild back on March 27, 1963 in Greenville, South Carolina. He had paid $2,137.25 including $62.50 tax after receiving $1,216.50 for his trade-ins: a 1956 VW and a…


The Great Illusion

By Michael Kotowski My friend was among the last group of passengers to fly on the now retired Concord supersonic jetliner. He told me that as the aircraft was gathering speed and climbing toward cruising altitude, an illuminated sign on the bulkhead announced, “You are now traveling faster than a .45 caliber bullet.” “And there…

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