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The Uphill Battle

By Todd Morris A few years ago, our family completed our build of a 1964 Austin-Healey Sprite race car. We got it street legal, drove it everywhere around town, explored our local backroads, and ran some track days with it, too. But I wanted more of a challenge. I wanted to really race it! I…


The Mille Miglia

By Paul Richardson The era of the great road races in Europe where the high pitched song of racing engines could be heard resounding through the streets of cities, towns, and sleepy mountain villages is long gone. Races like the Targa Florio around the island of Sicily and the Mugello Grand Prix near Florence have…


Inside the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy

Inside the 1955 Le Mans Tragedy There were no sponsorship liveries on the 60 cars that started at Le Mans in 1955. Instead, they were adorned in the national racing colors of the countries that each represented: Rosso Corsa, Bleu de France, British Racing Green and German silver. As an endurance contest there was no…

The MG Midget GTs

Midget GTs? That’s right, Midget GTs! The factory in Abingdon actually built Midget GTs. Well, at least three of them, and they had to be built in secret, so the mother company (BMC) would not find out. But this story starts out back in 1955 with a man named Dick Jacobs. Dick Jacobs was a successful…


Heroes: Racer Girl

By Kelvin Dodd; photography by the author Welcome to a new British Motoring feature called Heroes. In each issue we will introduce you to a person who promotes or fosters interest in British cars. The personalities will come from all over the hobby and have at least one common thread, a passion for enjoying British…


Bob Tullius, Group 44 Inc.

Bob Tullius is legendary as a driver, race team owner and motorsports marketing innovator for Triumph, British Leyland and Jaguar. He ran one of the most successful road racing teams from the 1960s through the ’80s, and campaigned so many of our favorite cars: MGB, Midget, Spitfire, TR3, TR4, TR6, GT6, TR7, TR8 and XKE….


Adventures Await!

Story by Carol Joy Patterson and photos by Ralph Saulnier It started with a trembling right hand. Or, maybe much earlier, after a serious head injury when I permanently lost my sense of smell. Anyway, there I was with a diagnosis of Parkinson’s. I’d already beaten four cancers and was in a holding pattern with…


Norman Dewis: A Jaguar Legend

By Graham Robson Like all the best racing drivers that may be listed on betting sites such as 벳엔드, Norman Dewis was a stocky little man. Like all the best racing drivers, he had boundless self-confidence. But although he looked the part, and was as fast as the superstars he befriended at Jaguar, Dewis was…


The Kid with the E-Type

by Dennis Wheeler In 1969, I was 15. I had run the typical teenage gamut of go-carts, small Honda motorcycles and doin’ wheelies with our MTD lawn tractor. A few of us hung out on Detroit’s Woodward Avenue observing the street machines often racing on cool Friday nights. My uncle Glenn would stop by our…


Thanks for the Memories!

By Greg Prehodka Where have the years gone!? I purchased my (not running) MG TD (in sad shape) in 1967 for $350 while I was in college. My dad predicted it would end up in a junkyard – but he let me pursue my dream! As I restored it over the next nine years, it…

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