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British Car Myths

By Eric Glomstad I began my ownership of British cars when I was 19 years old. The vehicle was a Jaguar XK150, which I drove through my first three years of college. Since then, I have owned six Jaguars, seven MGBs, two Midgets, one Sunbeam Alpine, two Triumph TR3s, and three Austins. Through all the…


Go Ahead and Look

The travail of finding parts for a 1960 Jaguar XK150 It was a rare sunny day in Seattle, the clouds had all blown south to Oregon and I was free to take my Jag out for a ride. I lowered the “head” (top) and snapped the large bulky cover over the bulging material at the…


How To Wire Driving/Fog Lights

Driving lights and fog lights came about as car owners navigated the twisting turning by-ways of misty England. Powerful lighting was necessary to illuminate the road ahead for potential hazards to be successfully identified and avoided. In addition, foggy and wet conditions caused by road spray obliterated the edges of poorly crowned roads. There is…


My MGA Has a Bit of a Cough

My brother, Cal, has owned his 1959 MGA since High School. It was his first car in 1974 and he cherishes it now as he did then. He called me to say that his beloved had developed a cough upon acceleration and asked for a little advice and assistance. My father introduced the family to…


The Dark Side of Positive Earth

British sports cars were wired really, really weirdly (Say that 5 times.) The earth was negative on every American car I had ever forced an 8-track tape player into, and I was sure that my skills could be applied with no less success on the Austin America I had just acquired. After all, it said…

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