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Two for the Road

Outstanding cars from the 2003 British Extravaganza By Leonard Emanuelson & Ken Smith Big shows such as the 2003 VARA/Moss Motors British Extravaganza this past May have more good stuff than will fit in one issue of British Motoring. We enjoyed the diverse range of rare, restored, and race-ready cars that descended on the Buttonwillow…


A Tale of Two Healeys

By Dan Kahn Allen Dunne’s ‘60 Austin-Healey 3000 The metallic click of a thin chrome-plated shifter slotting into first. A whirring starter, then the hesitation, and finally the mechanical orchestra of a finely tuned inline six fi ring to life. Chrome wires blurring and wind rushing over sloping fenders as a 46-year-old time machine begins…

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