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Maggie and Long-term Storage

Maggie Mae is on the road again. After nine years of storage, Maggie, a 1957 MGA, is back where she belongs. Rousing her from her slumber and putting her back on the road proved to be almost effortless, thanks in part to a little care and forethought taken when I put her into self storage….

Tech Tips: Spring 1995

I enjoy getting your newsletter very much and when it arrives I devour it cover to cover! I especially enjoy the Tech Tips and Under the Bonnet features and get a lot of useful information from them. Owning a 1976 MG Midget can be quite a challenge at times! Recently every 50 miles or so,…

Winter Storage Tips

(While John’s article is written for the MG owner, nearly all of his advice and information is valid for your Triumph, Austin-Healey, Jaguar and most other British cars. —Ed.) Ask a dozen MG owners how they store their MGs and you will receive a dozen different answers. Methods range from abandoning the MG under a tree…

Tech Tip – Getting Ready for Winter Storage

From Moss Motoring 1984 Many of our customers live in parts of the country where it is preferable to store their cars for a period during the winter months. There are numerous opinions on the do’s and don’ts of storage, but we thought we’d convey some concepts that our collective experience has shown to be…

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