Tech Tip – MGB Console Repair

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I have found that the tunnel consoles on 72-76 MGs almost always are broken or chewed up, usually around the console lid catch, or around the four holes where the four screws that secure the gear shift boot fit

New consoles are quite expensive. I was able to repair mine by cutting tiny scraps of plastic from a badly damaged console (I talked a salvage yard owner into giving me one that he knew he would never sell) and then slowly melting the material into place using a pencil solder­ing iron.

The key to success is to go slowly, and don’t breathe the fumes. A rattail file was useful rounding out the holes to match the original shape. A small flat file smoothed the edges of the square area that holds the tunnel lid catch. The fit was perfect

Richard Riggs Golden, Co.




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  1. July 26, 2013 @ 2:33 pm Ciro Aguirre

    I currently have a 1980 MGB with the dash that has experienced some cracking on the top. I do not wish to place a cover that I have seen sold, but would like to know if there is anything that can be used as a patch or filler that will work without being too visible?

    Thank you.


  2. February 12, 2019 @ 4:37 pm bruce wieber

    what to do for cracked dash? Fillers etc.


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